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Dr . Valerie Sorkin-Wells told me about the benefits of doing Femilift which was a 3 time procedure and it made such a difference in my sex life and helped reduce the painful feelings I use to experience with my husband ! I thought it was worth the time and expense to reconnect emotionally and intimately after 38 years of marriage ! I would highly recommend The Femilift Procedure to my friends, and Dr . Sorkin-Wells is very professional and sensitive to the needs of her patients.
- L

Dear Dr. Sorkin-Wells:

I am so impressed with your office. It runs so nicely and is so efficient.

While I remembered I needed a 6th month mammogram, I was amazed that your office called to remind me to set my appointment. Then they called with the results to check on the website.

Wow! I really feel I am in such good hands. Thank you for being an amazing OB-GYN with such an amazing office & practice.