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Ultrasounds are commonly performed to confirm the health of your pregnancy, the number of babies and your due date. If you are less than 14 weeks pregnant a vaginal ultrasound will help us get the best information. Women greater than 14 weeks will have an ultrasound through the abdomen.

If you choose to obtain the first trimester screening test for Down's syndrome, you will have another ultrasound between 12 and 13 weeks.

At 18-20 weeks another ultrasound is done to more thoroughly evaluate your pregnancy. This ultrasound will confirm you due date, locate the placenta, measure the fluid in the uterus and survey the baby. Most of the time the sonographer can determine the sex of the baby at this visit. An ultrasound, even when reassuring, cannot find all birth defects in babies.

Additional ultrasounds are performed in the last 20 weeks in your pregnancy when your doctor deems it to be medically necessary. For example, women with high blood pressure, diabetes and twins will have more ultrasounds during their pregnancy.

Your belly button piercing must be removed before the ultrasound.

Unfortunately, your ultrasound cannot be filmed or recorded, but photos of your baby are usually available for you to take home.